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What is ‘Embedded Recruiting’ and how can an ‘Embedded Talent Partner’ help your business grow?

Embedded recruiting is the new way of scaling your company fast and efficiently. So, what does 'Embedded Talent Partner' mean, and how can companies use this service for their own benefit?

A fast and efficient growth journey starts with the right talents. According to CB Insight’s ‘The Top 12 Reasons Startups Fail’ research, results show that 23% of startups fail because of the wrong team. In a startup and scaleup environment, where critical team decisions need to be made in a short time, gathering the right and harmonious people together in places can be considered the first step for the future of the formation. The qualifications required to assemble the right team can vary a lot. There is no 'correct' methodology for team building, like any other financial or operational area in the process of starting a new company. Although it is essential that collect enough data, do the proper research on roles, or determine the position needs correctly when all these come together, the balance of the combination will be very delicate.

At this point, it is a common method to get help from a professional to reach the right people and manage the subsequent processes as necessary. HR Consulting Firms can manage this process for you with their own expert teams. Thus, they will meet your needs for you. However, if these position needs are constantly needed, other alternatives may be more advantageous. ‘Embedded Talent Partner’ may be the person you need to manage this process as best as possible.

So, How does the embedded recruitment service work?

With this service, Talent Partners work with you as someone insider; you move forward with one of your teammates, instead of getting outside help while building your dream team.

Since the Embedded Talent Partner will not assist you in a single position, you do not need to explain the details for every job -especially some details that even you are not sure about-. As an insider, this person has the opportunity to observe requirements better and has a more productive perspective in critical areas such as culture fit.

An Embedded Talent Partner:

  • can apply the details that you are unaware of in the recruitment process.

  • will set up a recruitment infrastructure for you; An established method for a new system and someone experienced in this method is a great advantage.

  • will have their own network as also experienced in the field; will reach the suitable candidates as soon as possible.

and also:

  • You will have a database of candidates; Other suitable candidates and process details during the recruitment process will continue to be stored in the database. You can use it whenever you need it.

  • Your access will be faster when you have any changes or questions. It would be easier to tell someone on the team what the team needs, wouldn't it?

How does Lookup HR help you with this?

As Lookup, we worked with more than 75

fast-growing Tech companies for numerous positions. Now, we use our expertise in the embedded recruiting service.

Our expert talent partner team, provides you with support for as many positions as you need, as long as you need it.

Want to explore how a Lookup Embedded Talent Partner can help you?

We work with you, as part of your team. If you’d like help building your team, get in touch here. Or, connect with us on LinkedIn to hear more about Lookup services like this one.

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